Online RingMan Live Simulcast

Xcira’s main product, OnLine Ringman integrates the remote audience into the onsite audience at a traditional auction. The remote bidder is able to participate in and enjoy the emotion and enthusiasm of the event from virtually anywhere, on the platform of their choosing.

  • Multiple user interfaces that can be tailored to suit the needs of your business
  • Supported by a team of dedicated professionals and disruption free in the event of a technical incident
  • Ability for brokers to represent their own items remotely from the same web-based client that allows them to bid
  • Ability to attend multiple auction lanes simultaneously
  • Seamless integration with your website, providing your bidders with a simple and elegant log-in system
  • Highly scalable, providing service to over 5,000 users in a single event and over 15,000 sustained users system-wide
  • Sub-second response time

RingLots Timed Online Only Auction

Using online timed auction concepts the OnLine RingLots system provides a marketplace that can be tailored to a specific audience or market. The OnLine RingLots system can also be seamlessly integrated with the image and brand of the auction organization.

  • Real-time bidding
  • Single bid/maximum bid options
  • “Buy Now” capability
  • Email and SMS notification of bidding status
  • Proxy bidding interface
  • Bidder profile, including a favorites/watch list
  • Bidder management functions (credit limit, email, paddle number, etc.)
  • A customizable look that integrates the remarketer’s graphics/branding 
  • Two types of catalogs supported: perpetual (never ending; items rotate through the catalog independently) and event (all items end on the same day, simultaneously or in intervals)
  • The ability to compare items for sale

Intelligent Condition Evaluator

ICE (Intelligent Condition Evaluator) is a robust condition reporting system that saves time and money while making condition reports more accurate and accessible. It allows inspectors and auditors to appraise the condition of assets using a handheld device that can attach photos, scan bar codes, and take voice notes.

Other Features Include:

  • Easy to use customized templates
  • Intuitive use for non-computer users
  • Audit log tracking of changes made to inspection reports (who/when/what)
  • Integration with your existing business processes and IT infrastructure as well as Xcira’s asset disposition products
  • Custom exports can be designed to integrate with 3rd party systems

The Flat Car Damage Evaluation, pictured above, shows the main areas of damage to the vehicle. The capture unit can be a smartphone, handheld computer, laptop, or tablet. The interface offers predefined screens that minimize typing and allow the reporter to quickly complete the condition report. Once complete, the unit uploads the information to the main commerce server using a wireless or wired Internet connection.

AuctionEar Mobile App

Designed to work in conjunction with Xcira’s online auction solutions, AuctionEar provides an enhanced live auction experience to iOS/Android users on both smartphones and tablets with the inclusion of live simultaneous audio and/or video capability.

Features Include:

  • Audio to hear the auctioneer
  • Video to watch the auction live
  • Real time bidding on items
  • Sub-second response time

To download the app, click one of the stores below!

Floor Planning Your Inventory

Our new system, designed to streamline the floor planning process for auction finance departments, allows an auction to manage its own floor planning more efficiently for its various dealers. The program can also provide a central location for collection notes, compliance information, notification of expiration’s, lot audit reporting, and vehicle loans.

  • On a tablet or other mobile device, an auction representative can meet a dealer in the auction lane and floor plan a vehicle right at the point of sale
  • Dealer vehicle reports
  • Dealer credit balance at external auction houses
  • Variable rate interest calculations
  • Flexible dealer curtailment schedules
  • Tool for calculating payment estimates