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RingLots Timed Online Only Auction

Using online timed auction concepts the OnLine RingLots system provides a marketplace that can be tailored to a specific audience or market. The OnLine RingLots system can also be seamlessly integrated with the image and brand of the auction organization.

  • Real-time bidding
  • Single bid/maximum bid options
  • “Buy Now” capability
  • Email and SMS notification of bidding status
  • Proxy bidding interface
  • Bidder profile, including a favorites/watch list
  • Bidder management functions (credit limit, email, paddle number, etc.)
  • A customizable look that integrates the remarketer’s graphics/branding 
  • Two types of catalogs supported: perpetual (never ending; items rotate through the catalog independently) and event (all items end on the same day, simultaneously or in intervals)
  • The ability to compare items for sale