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OnLine Ringman® Live Simulcast

Xcira’s main product, OnLine Ringman® integrates the remote audience into the onsite audience at a traditional auction. The remote bidder is able to participate in and enjoy the emotion and enthusiasm of the event from virtually anywhere, on the platform of their choosing.

  • Multiple user interfaces that can be tailored to suit the needs of your business
  • Supported by a team of dedicated professionals and disruption free in the event of a technical incident
  • Ability for brokers to represent their own items remotely from the same web-based client that allows them to bid
  • Ability to attend multiple auction lanes simultaneously
  • Seamless integration with your website, providing your bidders with a simple and elegant log-in system
  • Highly scalable, providing service to over 5,000 users in a single event and over 15,000 sustained users system-wide
  • Sub-second response time