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The Automotive Suite

Everything you need to run your auction in person and online. A fully functional, modern marketplace, simulcast, dealer app, & auction management system with straightforward pricing and unmatched support.


FastLane® AMS is a robust system with standard integrations across the industry. It provides everything needed to manage your auction in-person and online, including (without any additional charges):


  • Accounting integrations with: QuickBooks, Sage, and NetSuite

  • Paperless auction capabilities

  • Reporting

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FastLane® Mobile

FastLane® also comes with FastLane® Mobile at no additional charge. FastLane® Mobile can be downloaded on any mobile device. It's functionalities include:

  • Vehicle check-In with vin explosion

  • Condition Reports

  • Post Sale Inspection

  • Work Order Management

  • Physical Inventory and Gate Pass Management

  • Access to buyer and seller data

FastLane® Integrations

Additionally, FastLane® has several industry integrations for you to choose from.

  • Accounting Integrations:

    • QuickBooks, Sage

  • AuctionACCESS with floor-planning


  •  Auto Grade

  • Deal Shield

  • Dealer Customization:

    •  Carmax, Carvana, GSA Sales

  • Vehicle History Reports:

    •  AutoCheck, Carfax

  • Vehicle Search/Inventory Platforms:

    •  Autoniq, Laser Appraiser, Liquid Motors, vAuto

  • and More…

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Online Ringman® includes simulcast, a marketplace and a dealer app. It easily accommodates dealer only and public sales as well as a variety of assets from in-ops to classic cars.

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Online Ringman® Simulcast

Online Ringman® Simulcast provides sub-second bidding, remote selling capabilities, and a responsive user interface all at a straightforward price with no hidden fees or success fees. Using Simulcast, buyers and sellers can connect from anywhere via desktop, tablet, or mobile device. Online Ringman® is a single clerk system that covers everything from marquees to integrating with FastLane® AMS. It checks all the boxes for a modern simulcast system, from the capacity to run a paperless auction to supporting multiple dealerships, while also supporting classic functions like block printing: Online Ringman® allows auctions to run their way.

Online Ringman® Marketplace

Online Ringman® Marketplace allows auctions to list simulcast sales alongside timed sales and buy-it-now assets. This platform allows users to filter through inventory, create watchlists and saved searches, and access bidding and condition reports. Online Ringman® Marketplace integrates seamlessly with simulcast, FastLane® AMS, and Auction Access.

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Online Ringman® Dealer App

The Online Ringman® Dealer App is amazing for remote buying and remote selling. The app is available on the Google Play Store and the Apple Store for free and has received five stars on both app stores. The app is designed to provide your bidders with a seamless experience, allowing them to receive push notifications, access gate passes, and bid through the app, among other features. The app has been designed to simplify the bidding process, allowing users to bid on vehicles from anywhere. The app is also an excellent tool for remote selling, allowing sellers to list vehicles and manage the auction process remotely. With the Online Ringman Dealer App, buyers and sellers can stay connected and informed about the auction process, no matter where they are.

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