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December 2023 Online Ringman® Release Notes

1. Run Range Selector is now in Event/Sale Selector

The events and sales selectors now appear as a collapsed menu, including Events, Sales, and Run Ranges.

  • The new Event selector is a collapsed menu with a select box.

  • Selecting an event will uncollapse and display the available sales.

  • Sales are collapsed menus with select boxes.

  • Selecting a sale will uncollapse and display the available Run Ranges.

  • Run Ranges are presented as a select box only, as there are no further selections available.

  • All of the above selections appropriately filter the view of inventory.

2. Lane Breakdown is now in Event Details

As a dealer, you can now view and select inventory filtered by "Sub lanes" of a sale in an event.

  • In the Event details, the sale card includes a breakdown of the run ranges in that sale (lane).

  • Clicking on a sub select in the Event details > Sale breakdown will take you to the filtered inventory.

3. Update My Activity "Show All" Option to a Selector

The "Show All Buyer Dealerships" and "Show All Seller Dealerships" options have been updated to improve clarity and reduce confusion.

  • The "Show All Buyer Dealerships" option is now split into two radio options:

  1. "Show ALL activity for selected dealership"

  2. "Show My activity for all my dealerships"

  • For sellers, the options have changed to:

  1. "Show Vehicles for selected dealership"

  2. "Show ALL vehicles for all my dealerships"

  • Only one option can be selected at a time.

  • The "OPTIONS" button now indicates when a "filter" is active.

4. Add Engine & Drive Details to Automotive Marquee

The marquee now displays Engine and Drive details of the car on the block, along with year, make, model, trim, miles, and grade.

  • Engine details are added to the marquee for in-person auction attendees.

  • Drive details are also included in the marquee.

  • Announcements have been moved to below Seller Name and above High Bid Amount.

  • Miles, grade, drive, and engine are all presented on one line.

  • Announcements are separated by commas for improved readability.

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