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January 2023 Agribidder & Equibid Release Notes

Updated Colors on Bidding UI

The colors on the desktop and mobile view of the bidding UI have been updated to be more coherent. See the example below.

Desktop View / Mobile View

General Notifications are now enabled by Default

These notifications include upcoming events and membership status notifications. The notification will be sent via email.

Improved Inventory Scrolling

When pressing back from an asset detail page, users will now land back on the scroll position of the item that they clicked on.

Updates to the “Account Settings” Tab

This tab will now be labeled “Manage Account”. It will also now include an option to delete a user’s account.

Manage Account Page

Other Releases

  1. All login pages will begin to be updated to have a call to action.

  2. Sold Amounts and Max Bid Amounts are now formatted with a comma.

  3. Users May Now Add an Item to the Watchlist from the grid of the updated bidding UI. They will also receive a notification when that Item is on the block.

  4. All button sizes updated to be a minimum of 42 pixels.

  5. All scrolling pages will now have a “back to top” button.

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